Culture Candle

The Culture Candle was made for the shop GROOS in Rotterdam. We got the assignment to design a product that would fit with the concept of the store. GROOS is a platform for designers from Rotterdam. They promote and sell their products and bring them all together under one roof. Since I only study in Rotterdam and live in Breda, I wanted to make something on the subject of the city of Rotterdam. One of the first I noticed when I started studying in Rotterdam was the Cultural diversity. Especially compared to Breda. The diversity in culture is something that you really experience when walking in the streets of Rotterdam. It has all the different people, shops, food and culture right in front of you. I started of by doing some research on the biggest cultural groups in Rotterdam. I came to the conclusion that there are to many cultures in this one city to involve in one product. So I picked the 5 biggest groups and started from that point. One of the other things I wanted to do for this project was making some kind of a modular system. This was something I found interesting to make and gave me something to work with.

I came up with this pie cart of the different cultures in Rotterdam and the colours for my project. Still not knowing what I wanted to make I started of with drawing these basic forms for my product. When I liked the forms and the way of stacking them I started to think about what is could be and how I could visualise the cultures in the product. At this point I decided that is should be a candle-stand. This is something almost every culture, religion and household uses. The last thing I needed was a way of showing the cultural diversity in the candle-stand. I choose to do this by matching the size and colour to the diagram. The biggest part had the same colour as the biggest part in the diagram.