“Deurknop” means doorknob in Dutch and “kop” means head. This is why the name of the project is Deurkop. It’s a head that has the function of a doorknob. These little heads combine function and decoration for on your drawers and doors.
They were designer for the Swanmarket. This is a small art and product market in Rotterdam. After doing some research I came tot the conclusion that it were the small gift product that were most sold. I started thinking about different small products. Keeping in mind that it would have low production costs and would not be to time consuming to make.

After doing some research I decided to make a doorknop in the shape of a head. First I tried to make it from concrete but this wasn’t hard enough and took way to much time. That’s when I decided to go for a synthetic material. This has a better quality and makes it easier to make a lot of different colours. To buy a Deurkop, please send an email.